Methods of Vascular Studies

Methods of Vascular Studies

Methods of Vascular Studies


Ultrasound used to check circulation in the large veins in the legs ( sometimes the arms), this exam will show any blockage in the veins by a thrombus ( blood clot).


Ultrasound used to detect narrowing of the arteries in the neck that supply blood to the brain. The carotid Doppler can help the physician determine stroke risk.


Ultrasound to evaluate blood flow through the renal arteries ( which supply blood to the kidneys). This test is to evaluate disease in the renal arteries and kidneys to identify the presence of kidney stones, masses and intrinsic kidney disease.


( Ankle Brachial Index) compares BP ( blood pressure) in the ankles to the BP in the arms. ABI result is used to predict the severity of PAD ( Peripheral Arterial Disease). If ABI is abnormal, we will proceed with an arterial doppler for further evaluation.


Ultrasound of the arteries located in the arms and legs to test blood circulation and evaluate arterial blockages such as plaque ( which can reduce blood flow or block it completely).